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Augmenting Real-world Places with Beloved Characters and Stories

Playable PlacesTM is ARCADE's proprietary platform that incorporates AI, AR, Character IP and storytelling to make any place playable - using the devices that visitors bring with them, either via a native iOS/Android app or the web.

To date, we have created Playable PlacesTM for The National Gallery, The London Aquarium, SXSW in Austin and forests around the UK, and have worked with global IP such as Zog (Magic Light Pictures), Disney and Marvel.


We use popular game mechanics borrowed from video games (and even board games) to deliver compelling and engaging experiences for visitors, who can use photo and video to capture moments of magic.


Storytelling is essential, whether it uses existing, well-known IP, our own 'World of Keepers' that we have developed especially for arts and culture or a brand new IP, customised for the place.


Our unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) means that your mobile device has a contextual understanding of its location, whilst simultaneously being able to display beautifully rendered AR at key moments of the journey.


Parks, Museums, Galleries, Stadiums, Castles, Cities... Any real world place can be made playable, and with the bonus of not requiring any physical installation or maintenance too.

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