About Us

Welcome to ARCADE XR, where our journey from architecture to the forefront of digital innovation and artificial intelligence shapes a new era of immersive digital experiences.


Our Journey

ARCADE XR started life in 2016 but has its roots in almost twenty years of study and practice prior to that, with our founders qualifying as architects before building one of London's most successful digital agencies. Our experience in developing multi-million pound digital platforms for the world’s leading organizations, underpinned by our understanding and appreciation of architecture, has set the stage for ARCADE XR's innovative path.


Our Expertise

With our roots deeply embedded in both architecture and digital innovation, ARCADE XR is uniquely positioned to harness the transformative power of AI. This technology is not merely a tool but a foundational element in our creative process, enabling us to design interactions that are more intuitive, personalized, and engaging. Our expertise goes beyond traditional design; we use AI to analyze patterns, anticipate user needs, and create dynamic environments that respond to and evolve with those who inhabit and interact with them.


Our Vision

The advent of the spatial web promises a future where our digital and physical worlds converge in unprecedented ways. At ARCADE XR, we envision AI as a key driver in this evolution, offering new ways to interact, understand, and engage with our surroundings. Through pioneering projects in digital placemaking, immersive VR and AR experiences, and beyond, we are not just participants but architects of this new reality. Our mission is to harness AI's potential to create experiences that are not only innovative and interactive but also adaptive and anticipatory, offering a glimpse into the future of human-environment interaction.


Our Leadership

Avatar of Simon Hobbs

Simon Hobbs

Chief Design Officer
Avatar of Jon Meggitt

Jon Meggitt

Avatar of Alex Book

Alex Book

Chief Strategy Officer
Avatar of Keith Martin

Keith Martin

VP, US Operations
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Olivia Hinkin

Head of Client Services
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James Harvey

Technical Director