March 5, 2020

ARCADE named amongst GB's leading creative industries entrepreneurs

Tiles fo all of the Great British Entrepreneurs.

ARCADE founders Jon Meggitt, Simon Hobbs and Alex Book are delighted to have been identified as one of 15 creative industries 'ones to watch' in 2020 by Great British Entrepreneurs. Working in conjunction with Starling Bank, Great British Entrepreneurs run a portfolio of products, events and initiatives designed to support entrepreneurs and their ventures, including producing lists of leading entrepreneurs in Britain, across multiple different industries.

Arcade co-founders (from L-R): Alex Book, Jon Meggitt, Simon Hobbs
It's always nice when hard work is recognised,

said Arcade CEO, Jon Meggitt.

When you're focused on building a business, especially in an emergent space like immersive technology, it's easy to fixate on the challenges and lose sight of the accomplishments we're making every day. Thanks to Great British Entrepreneurs and Starling Bank for reminding us that we're doing a decent job, and congratulations to all the other creative industries entrepreneurs out there, both on this incredible list and beyond.

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