September 18, 2023

ARCADE proud to help create The Oncology Guide

The Oncology Guide is a free, first-of-it’s-kind health app resource for parents and children in the UK, designed to empower parents and calm and prepare children by providing the knowledge they need most at the start of their cancer journey.

Presented in bite-sized and engaging family-friendly films and animations for ages 2 – 12, each piece of content features a child or practitioner explaining what to expect including cancer, procedures, treatments and charities that can help.

Cancer is a journey that no one wants, or ever thinks, they will be on. It’s a path on which Charley and Jon found themselves with their own child. So they understood better than anyone how overwhelming, confusing and worrying it is, and that knowing a little bit more about what to expect can help you make decisions and be as prepared as you can for the treatments ahead.

Their mission for The Oncology Guide is to do exactly this – provide a simple, safe and trusted resource for families to access information they need to help them navigate the start of their cancer journey - and it was our privilege at ARCADE, along with a host of brilliant partners including our friends at Design Bridge, to help bring it to life.

"Some of the ARCADE team have first-hand experience of navigating life-changing childhood illness, and know all too well how exhausting and terrifying it can all be. The invitation to contribute to this important and valuable tool was one we were only too happy to accept, and we have loved bringing The Oncology Guide to life alongside our brilliant and inspirational partners." - Alex Book, Co-Founder, ARCADE

Explore the guide and find out more at

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