ELLE x Clarks shoe visualiser and ecom experience launches

ARCADE is delighted to partner with Hearst in launching a new creative e-commerce experience for ELLE readers. Scanning a QR code on physical copies of the magazine or tapping a link on social allowed users to view a series of Clarks shoes in their own space, whilst simultaneously seeing how they look on the catwalk.

Created as a WebAR experience using Zappar, a simple selection picker enables would-be Clarks shoppers to navigate between three featured models of shoe, including ankle boots, mules and Chelsea boots. A Clarks box opens up in AR, revealing the selected shoes, and a video edit of a model wearing the same shoes plays behind. Tapping on the video brings up a close-up, with pointers on how to wear them and what outfit to pair them with.

Most importantly, a tap at the bottom takes users directly through to the Clarks site where they can order the pair they like the most.

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