July 30, 2021

Get Up Close To The Hundred Superstars In AR!

AR view of Moeen Ali avatar on a desktop


The Hundred is a brand new cricket tournament bringing speed, excitement and innovation to England's summer sport. In partnership with the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB), Sky Sports and Dimension Studio, the ARCADE team has been working feverishly for the past few months on creating a world-first in sports fan engagement: augmented reality avatars of The Hundred players that audiences can bring into their homes, gardens or anywhere else they want.

Fans can see their heroes batting, bowling, wicket-keeping and even recreating iconic moments from cricket history, with more players being added throughout the month-long tournament.

The 'Meet The Players' experience is available in three different places - The Hundred app, the Sky Sports app and via 8th Wall WebAR - and gives a glimpse of the future of sports engagement.

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