February 21, 2024

Introducing Web Lenses: the power of Snap, on the web, for free

Two people playing with Snap-powered Web Lenses

It is widely accepted that Snap have developed one of the most powerful AR platforms in the world, but until recently it was only accessible through their social media platform, Snapchat. Many of ARCADE's clients were therefore not able to use it for their campaigns or experiences if their target audiences were not typical Snapchat users.

In the past few months Snap's team have been working to address this problem, with the quiet upgrade of their Camera Kit software, which now allows developers like ARCADE to publish AR Lenses directly to the web. No Snapchat, no downloads, and the best bit is that, unlike most WebAR providers, Snap offers this for free.

So, with the creation of our own proprietary Web Lens front end, we are delighted to introduce Web Lenses: the power of Snap, on the web, for free!

Check out the video below for examples of what Web Lenses can do, and try some for yourself! 👇

😎 2D & 3D Face Filter

👽 Facial Expressions Tracking

🤘 Hand Gesture Tracking

To see what Web Lenses can do for you, find out more here or get in touch with the team today.

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