July 7, 2023

Tatcha x Space NK WebAR Pop-Up Blossoms in Covent Garden

Tatcha and Space NK teamed up to celebrate the launch of Tatcha's new 'Forest Awakening' bodycare range with an experiential pop-up in London's iconic Covent Garden.

Visitors to the space were able to enjoy the Garden of Tranquility before beginning a 4D Forest Bathing meditation, guided by Japanese zen monk and Tatcha wellbeing ambassador, Toryo Ito.

Designed and created by ARCADE partners Backlash, the experience included a beautiful 'Living Wall' of gorgeous Japanese-inspired flora in the outdoor space, acting as a stunning and relaxing backdrop. ARCADE was asked to bring the Living Wall to life in AR.

Scanning a QR code opened the 8th Wall-powered experience, prompting flowers and plants to bloom and blossom on the wall. The front camera introduces more blooms along with Japanese birds that the consumer can tap to unlock rewards.

Over the course of 10 days, thousands of visitors enjoyed immersing themselves even more into the Tatcha experience through the power of WebAR.

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