June 3, 2021

Turn Up Your Glow with AHC & Web AR

Screenshot from AHC web AR experience showing woman popping bubbles

AHC is one of Unilever's leading skincare brands in Southeast Asia. The team was looking for a new way to amplify the core brand message, focused on their best-selling Luminous Glow Eye Cream for Face. ARCADE was asked to create a fun in-store and at-home experience that could be accessed quickly and easily, and offered a new way for consumers to 'Turn Up Your Glow'.

Play with AR

Borrowing from the brand style guide and associated visual assets, we developed a WebAR game in which consumers are challenged to pop as many bubbles as they can in 30 seconds. With beautiful refraction and reflection techniques to make the bubbles as realistic and enjoyable to play with as possible, consumers can have fun trying to achieve high scores, and share images of their subtly filtered selfie to social media. Depending on their score they can also access discounts from local retailers.


WebAR is the perfect platform for an experience like this, able to engage consumers in the spur of the moment and requiring nothing more than a mobile web browser. Platforms such as Zappar and, in this case, 8th Wall, allow developers to create near-seamless access to AR experiences, and are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to apps.

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