February 10, 2020

Tutankhamun: A Spatial Archive

AR spatial archive

ARCADE has teamed up with Oxford's Griffith Institute, best known as the custodians of the meticulously assembled and astonishingly extensive archive from Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon’s famous discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the centenary of which will take place in 2022.

With the upcoming anniversary in mind, the Griffith Institute were keen to meet a technology partner who could offer a new, immersive way for people to engage with the archive, a challenge we were incredibly excited to take on. We were honoured to be given a tour of the archive, where we could not help but feel humbled by the passion and dedication of Carter and his team, evident across the thousands of documents, drawings and photographs contained in the archive.

Alex Book with the Griffith Institute’s Cat Warsi, examining just one of the thousands of documents in the archive

Following a successful application to the newly-established Creative Industries Seed Fund, set up by Oxford University's TORCH, we have developed the first phase of an AR-driven experience that will help audiences to discover the tomb for themselves, walking in Carter’s footsteps as he undertook one of the most famous explorations of the 20th century.In partnership with the Griffith Institute, the goal is to create a publicly accessible experience that offers an entirely new way to bring people closer to the discovery of Tut’s tomb – all made possible by the great Creative Industries work by TORCH.

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