Museum Without Walls

Welcome to Ross-on-Wye, a charming and historically significant market town where you can now embark on a journey back in time. With the aid of cutting-edge augmented reality technology, we are revealing the hidden past of Ross-on-Wye by resurrecting buildings and artefacts that have long vanished. As you stroll through the town, this immersive experience allows you to witness its vibrant history, offering a glimpse of Ross-on-Wye as it stood in its heyday.

Created in partnership with createROSS and Ross-on-Wye Town Council the immersive experience educates tourists, turning a regular town walk into a museum without walls, full of fascinating historical recreations.

Meet the Past

Ross-on-Wye is a town brimming with stories, many of which have been relegated to the annals of history and the pages of dusty books. "Museum without Walls" is a captivating and free cultural engagement experience that seeks to honour and celebrate the town's rich past by vividly bringing to life its local myths and legends. Through this innovative project, visitors can explore the town's heritage in an interactive and immersive way, uncovering tales that have shaped Ross-on-Wye's unique character and identity.

The focus is on the rich heritage that has flourished in this border town, and offers an entirely new way to explore the city, signposting the way to twelve locations selected for the stories they gave rise to and the impact they have had on the local landscape.

At each spot, visitors get to witness the past through the interaction with an augmented reality installation that brings to life the stories that took place there. Move out of the way of King George's Carriage as it rattles past you down the old high street in 1821, see what's on at the Roxy Cinema in 1953, marvel at the captured German field guns from World War 1, and so much more.

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Museum Without Walls is a free app on iOS and Android, and was produced in partnership with createROSS and Ross-on-Wye Town Council.

Museum Without Walls
Ross-on-Wye, UK
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Museum Without Walls has been a groundbreaking project for createRoss and the Town Council to undertake, made possible by ARCADE’s creative and technological excellence. ARCADE have been there to support us every step of the way, including the frequent addition of multiple new features and exhibits as the Museum has expanded.
Ian Lewis, CreateROSS