Nissan Electric Universe

Step Into An Electric Universe

When Nissan wanted to explore new ways to present its all-electric range of EVs to the world, they approached a world-leading team of agencies to help realise an ambitious creative vision. As part of their electrification campaign that ran across the full spectrum of media channels including mobile, social, smart TV, Twitch, YouTube and other digital platforms, Magnopus teamed up with ARCADE to produce an immersive web and augmented reality experience that invited audiences to join Nissan brand ambassador Brie Larson in a world of electrification.

Take Tomorrow For A Spin

Audiences can scan a QR code shown on-screen alongside director Elijah Allan-Blitz's creative commercial or tap links shared on social, and enter the electrified universe on mobile or desktop web. There, Brie Larson greets visitors and invites them to 'take tomorrow for a spin'.

The user embodies an orb of energy, flowing gracefully through and around the space before selecting one of three story worlds to explore. Each immersive world is designed to reflect a different benefit of electric cars: green energy (Nissan Leaf), adventure (Nissan ARIYA), and racing (Nissan Formula E).

As viewers explore each of the arctic, nature and city landscapes, Brie Larson appears in video to highlight some exciting benefits of electrification. Finally, at the conclusion of the journey through each world, viewers can begin an AR experience that transports a virtual rendition of each vehicle into their home, office, or any other real-world environment.

Connected Spaces Platform

The experience was built using the PlayCanvas engine along with Magnopus' own Connected Spaces Platform to create an interactive, game-like environment that could be explored on web without the need for an app download. The Connected Spaces Platform is a hugely innovative, open-source SDK that is helping drive the shift from the 'connected pages' of today's web to the 'connected spaces' of tomorrow. It won a TIME Magazine 'Best Inventions' award in 2022 and was key to the creation of an experience with universal access and minimal platform-specific features.

As a result, Nissan's audiences across the USA and the world were able to experience the electrified world in an entirely new way, with spatial digital experience at the core.

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This innovative experience leverages the power of AR to immerse viewers in the exciting world of electrification while showcasing our All-New 2023 ARIYA. Launching a vehicle as forward-thinking as ARIYA deserves the advanced capabilities of AR to highlight Nissan's decades of experience with EVs and our enthusiastic push toward accessible electric mobility for all.
Allyson Witherspoon, Nissan USA
Our friends at Magnopus put a huge amount of trust in us to partner with them in delivering such a critical, high profile project in such a short space of time. We were thrilled to pour our creative energies into the work and are delighted to have delivered such a high quality, innovative experience.
Jon Meggitt, CEO, ARCADE