Wimbledon AR Magic Mirror

Closer To The Stars

Wimbledon provides two weeks of exhilarating, nail-biting sport every year, and ARCADE were thrilled to partner with sports & entertainment agency CSM to design and install an activation which took fans closer to their tennis heroes than ever before.

Game, Set, Snap! invited the Wimbledon crowds to have their photo taken with superstar HSBC Global Ambassadors Emma Raducana and Tim Henman! Well ok, not actually with them, but the next best thing - an augmented reality pic next to virtual holograms of these legends.

Game, Set, Snap! was installed at two Wimbledon fan zones for the duration of the two-week tournament. The experience uses 'magic mirror' techniques, employing a combination of touchscreen, 4K camera, media player and 2D chroma key holograms to create the effect. Each session also generates a unique URL which users can access via QR code, with a simple web interface and backend allowing fans to download and share their images privately and securely.

Emma and Tim are both known for being great with fans and will take as many photos as they can with those lucky enough to get up close to them. The good news for everyone else was that, with Game, Set, Snap!, they could still pose with them and walk away with a souvenir photo to share with friends and family.

Wimbledon, UK
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